After WW2 , the DF (and OF) stayed in service for a long time.
The different fuzes give new dimensions but the body stayed the same as
used in WW2.
The body was fitted with an adapter to fit the fuze with detonator. Various forms are known.

The post-war DF37/46 was filled with 60gram pulverized Tolite.
Bodies were made of cast steel and fuzes used on this grenade were the
Mle1935, F3 or F5.
Its total weight is around 560gram, depending on fuze.

The two grenades below are LEFT: old colour scheme, RIGHT: new colour scheme.
Left photo © Leatherface

When a fuze was not fitted, the body was shut with a plastic plug.
The fuze-well was made of thin aluminium and screwed into the body.

Practice grenades can be found in blue or blue/black painted bodies.
Red painted grenades are used as throwing dummies.

French 60's DF-37 left is excercise, right is HE

Classroom instruction model.
These are factory made and are issued with a complete inert fuze with a dummy detonator attached.
This detonator has a small drilled hole on the side of it.

Another factory inert variation :