Originally the cast iron Besozzi was made in Italy but from 1915 on the French started their own production.
It was made in 2 halves with filling opening on the base and the safety fuze on top.
The 3-4 seconds fuze had a match compound and misfired often due to humidity.
Shrapnel would end up to 45 meter. Mine is missing the brass safety cap.

Height : 95mm, Diameter : 60mm.
Weigth 630gram including 60gram black powder.

in my own collection :

The photo below shows two different body styles of the French Besozzi.
They differ in size and outer segments as you can see.

Photo © Gilles, who provided the following dimensions :

Left one :
Height : 94mm, Diameter : 64mm

Right one :
Height : 103.5mm , Diameter : 64mm