Pains Wessex :

Pains Wessex Signal Distress No1 serie

Pains Wessex red parachute rocket Mk3

Pains Wessex Lifesmoke Mk4

Pains Wessex Lifesmoke Mk5

Pains Wessex handflare red Mk8

Pains Wessex White Collision Warning Flare

Pains Wessex Pinpoint Orange

Pains Wessex Miniflare 3

Schermuly :

Schermuly Signal distress 2star red Mk4

Schermuly Para Red Mk1

Schermuly HandSmoke

Schermuly Pinpoint Red

Schermuly Pinpoint White

Schermuly Lifesmoke

Comet :

Handflare, red COMET

Parachute signal rocket COMET

Smoke signal, orange, 4 Min. COMET


Oroquieta :

Oroquieta/Plastimo hand flare

Oroquieta/Plastimo hand held parachute rocket

Plastimo distress signal kit

Ruggieri :

Ruggieri Ruggistar

Ruggieri Hand Flare Red

V.E.B. :

VEB red handflare

VEB Fallschirmhandnotsignal rot 40

Various manufacturers :

Handflare, red RUBIS II

Parachute signal rocket SALVA M

Schwimmfähiges Rauchsignal Orange 4 Min.

Sky Diver Smoke Signal

Highway Flare 15Min. Red

Volvo Highway Flare

Orion Red Emergency Flare

Chemring companies history :

Text copied from the website of Chemring :

1850 James Pain business was founded

1933 Wessex Aircraft Engineering Company (WAECO) was founded

1965 WAECO and James Pain & Sons Ltd merge and the company is re-named Pains Wessex Ltd

1973 The Schermuly business is acquired

1981 The domestic firework business is sold off and established as Pains Wessex Fireworks Ltd

1986 Pains Wessex Ltd is acquired by Chemring Group PLC

2005 Chemring Group PLC acquires Comet GmbH

2005 Chemring Group PLC announces to retain the core pyrotechnic competences of Pains Wessex and Comet within the newly formed Energetics Division

2007 Chemring Marine Ltd is formed to handle the Marine Distress Signal businesses of Pains Wessex and Comet.

Chemring Defence, part of Chemring Group PLC consists of three companies; Chemring Defence UK Limited (formerly PW Defence Ltd) , Chemring Defence Germany GmbH (formerly Comet GmbH Pyrotechnik-Apparatebau) and Pirotecnia Oroquieta S.L.

Chemring Marine Limited is the leading manufacturer of pyrotechnics for the commercial and leisure marine markets supplying worldwide through our distributor networks.
Marketed internationally under the brands of Comet and Pains Wessex, we are supported by worldclass distributors in all major ports.