Length: 90mm , diameter: 64mm.
Weight: 397gram including 184gram Comp. B
Fuze :
Green body with yellow markings.

This sheet steel grenade has pre-fragmentation on the inside of the body.
30 grenades are packed in a wooden case, individually packed.
It cannot be fired from an adapter.

Photo Cory.


Length: 81mm , diameter: 64mm.
Weight: 397gram including 198gram Comp. B
Fuze M217 (impact)
Green body with yellow stencilling.
Grenades were individually packed in "container M451A1".
This grenade used the same style body as the M33.

Photo below © Cory.


The M67 was fitted with the M213 fuze and a safetyclip.
An early grenade body with a welded seams shown in the first three photos.
The fourth cutaway photo shows the later model with a silver brazed seam.

Early production M67 © Justin.

Photos below Craig.

Late production M67, photo Cory :

Factory inert M67

The grenade shown on the left came inert from the factory and is probably made for educational purpose.
Photo thanks to Cory.


The M68 was fitted with the M217 impact fuze and also had a safetyclip.

Photos below © Justin.
(M68 shown is missing its jungle clip)