M26 :
Length: 99mm , diameter: 57mm.
Weight: 454gram including 164gram Comp. B
Fuze M204A1 or M204A2.
Green body with yellow markings.

This "lemon" grenade, as it is normally called, has a body made of two sheet steel halves.
Inside the grenade a fragmentation coil sits between the outer casing and the explosive charge.
This coil is made of round wire and has serrations on the outside, against the casing wall (M26).
Around the detonator tube a tetryl booster is encased in the main filling.
The grenade can be fired from a rifle with the use of adapter M1A1 or M1A2.
Grenades were individually packed in "container M289" and with 25 containers fitted in a wooden case.

Right photo shows a variety of M26's. © Cory.

Photos below © Craig.

M26A1 :
This model was improved in some small details.
The wire coil was now made of square wire and the pre-stamped serrations were now on the inside, against the explosive filler.
Only the M204A2 was used.
30 fibre containers were packed in a wooden case.
(photo on the right, © Cory)


M61 :
This grenade is the M26A1, but has the so-called "jungleclip" attached.
This provided an extra safety.

See photos below (left © Justin, right © Cory).


On the right, picture provided by Craig.
It shows some different styles of Jungle clips as used with US grenades.