(formerly known as the T2)

Text copied from TM 23-30 (1944) :

This grenade, similar in appearance to the Mk.II hand grenade, has a serrated cast iron body, to which is fitted a fin assembly composed of a stabilizer tube and fin. Its maximum range is approximately 200 yards. An impact fuze is located in the forward end of the stabilizer tube and explodes the grenade upon impact with ground of average hardness or any other solid object. Detonation will not occur upon impact with water, mud, or soft sand. The fuze is held in the unarmed position by a safety pin which fits in a hole through the fuze body and clamps about the stabilizer tube.

Length: 248mm , Diameter: 57mm.
Weight: 667gram , Filling: 57gram flaked TNT.

Two photos below © Lt. Len.


Unknown version, please help :

I got the photos below from my good friend Pat from France.

The riflegrenade shown below is the same size as the normal M17, but look at it's large threads...
It's an original found relic, no doubt on it's originality.
These large threads are that of the fuze body, but fitted to the grenade without the adapter that is normally screwed to the fuze/tail section. As you can see the grenade is threaded in this way.
The photo on the right is my own, and shows a "normal" tail taken to parts, WITH adapter to fit a normal Mk2.

Could this have anything to do with the two different fillings of Mk2-grenades, CE Blankfire powder or granulated TNT ?
(flame needed / detonation needed?)
I've never seen this version without adapter before, who can help?

Please let me know by

Photos Pat.