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Grenade fuzes :

Ontsteker No.2 Mk1

Ontsteker Nr. 12

Ontsteker Nr. 19

Ontsteker Nr. 25

Ontsteker Nr. 27

Buis tot trapgranaat

The fuze shown on the right was used to convert Artillery shells into Mines.
It was introduced somewhere in the 1880's, and was threaded like most shells.

Mine fuzes :

Nr.26 exc


Just after the war :

Here is a list of devices that were taken into Dutch inventory after ww2.
Describing them again on this page would not add anything, they are already described in the
English section.
The list shows the names that the Dutch army gave to the igniters.

trekontsteker nr2 = No 4 pull MkI
drukontsteker nr2 = No 5 MkI
ontlastingsontsteker nr2 = No 6 MkI release
tijdontsteker nr1 = No 9 L delay MkI
drukontsteker nr1 = No 2 MkI pressure
trekontsteker nr1 = No 1 MkI pull
ontlastingsontsteker nr1 = No 3 MkI release
ontlastingsontsteker nr3 = No 12 anti lift MK I
electrische ontsteker nr1 = No 7 MkI preassure pull electrical
tijdontsteker nr2 = No 10 MkI time pencil
combinatieontsteker nr1 = No 13 MkI pull pressure release

Post ww2 devices :

Igniter Time Blasting Fuse Nr.3/2C1

Igniter Time Blasting Fuse M1

Fir.Dev.Dem: pressure type Nr.16/2C1

Fir.Dev.Dem: pull type Nr.17/2C1

Fir.Dev.Dem: release type Nr.18C1/2C1

Primer percussion cap, w/holder, Nr.2C1

El. Detonator Nr.2C1

Connector Demolition Nr.24

Igniter Time Blasting Fuse DM69A1

Initiator delay, Demolition: 90seconds

Fir.Dev.Dem: underwater MT Nr.328