Text copied from TM9-1985-2 German Explosive Ordnance 1953 :

Description: This igniter, resembling the ZZ42, consists of a steel case screw-threaded to accept an adapter bush in which is secured an igniter cap. The adapter is screw-threaded to screw into the mine. A spring-loaded striker, acommodated in the case, ia assembled so that the striker spindle protrudes through the upper end of the case. The striker is retained in the cocked position by two winged detents, the jaw of which engages in recesses machined in the striker spindle. The detents are maintained in this position by a retaining collar, mounted on the case, with which the detents engage. The are secured against deplacement by a safety pin through a hole drilled in each detent.

Operation: The igniter is armed after withdrawal of the safety pin. After arming, a pressure of 21pound or a pull of 14pound on the wings opens them sufficiently to release the striker. The striker, driven by the striker spring, impinges upon the percussion cap and fires the mine.

Employment: This igniter was developed for use with the S-mine 44 and improvised mines. Mines fitted with the S.Mi.Z.44 are normally buried with only the wings of the igniter showing. In winter, however, the whole head of the igniter must be above ground.

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