Text copied from TM9-1985-2 German Explosive Ordnance 1953 :

Description: The igniter consists of an inverted L-shaped tube, the vertical arm of which is screw-threaded externally to screw into the mine. The horizontal arm, into which is fitted the percussion cap, is screw-threaded internally to accept the steel striker housing, and is shaped externally, to provide on the top, a lug to take the actuating lever pivot. The striker housing contains a striker and striker spring. The striker is retained in a cocked position by a striker retaining pin which has two shoulders over the end of an actuating lever. The actuating lever consisting of a hollow metal tripping piece, is pivoted on a rivet, ad is fitted with a safety pin resting on th "elbow" of the igniter body.

Operation: After removal of the safety pin, a downward pressure on the actuating lever will cause it to bear against the shoulders of the striker retaining pin. A pressure of approximately 40pounds will force out the striker retaining pin and so release the striker to fire the percussion cap.

Employment: Used in the Glassmine 43 as an alternative to the Buck igniter.