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Třecí Zapalovač Mechanický

This pull-friction fuze was used on several types of pyrotechnical grenades.
It has a threaded plastic safetycap has a pull cord attached and needs to be pulled to ignite the delay element.

Used for DA 25 smoke color candles, blast imitations (V5), ground color lights PS 25 etc.
In case of
V5, 20 m rope for activation MUST be used. Activation by hand throwing is strictly prohibited.

Length : 70mm
Delay : 5 - 8seconds

Photo below Jarda Mattás.


Třecí Zapalovač Mechanický -3 , used with the P1, P2 and P2 II.
3 seconds delay.
Another version of the
TZ-M fuze

Photo thanks to Milan :

Photo Jarda Mattás :