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TZ-2 Pull-friction fuze

TZ-M Pull-friction fuze

Ro-1 Pull fuze

Ro-2 Pressure fuze

Ro-3 Anti-lift

Ro-4 Anti-lift

Ro-5 and Ro-9 Pressure fuze

RO-6 Tilt fuze

Ro-7-II Pressure fuze

Ro-8 Pressure fuze

Ro-30 tilt-pressure fuze.

ECH Ro , info wanted.

UZO , info wanted .


Non-electric and electric blasting caps BS No.8 :

There are three different Czech non-electric blasting caps.
These are distinguished by their copper, aluminium, or steel jacket.
All other characteristics of the caps are the same.
These caps are supplied in containers ranging from 100 to 10,000.
The BS No.8 blasting caps have the same explosive characteristics as the Soviet No.8 blasting caps.

The Czech BS electric cap has the same explosive characteristics as the BS No.8 non-electric cap.

BS No.8 non-electric cap :
Length: 42mm , diameter: 7mm.
Explosive: Tetryl.
BS No.8 electric cap :
Length: 66mm , diameter: 7mm.
Length of conductor leads: 1.5meter.
Explosive: Tetryl.



60seconds fuze assembly.
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Photos shown in the gallery below © W. Jordan.

The left packing carries inert training detonators, type "Z".
The empty box on the right used to hold live "Z" detonators.
Detonator "Z" was to be used with the fuzes
Ro-2, Ro-4, Ro-7II and Ro-9.


Electric detonator adapter MT :

The MT electric detonator adapter consists of either a plastic or metal cup with the two conducting
wires 1.5m (5.5ft) long attached to the end.
This adapter is used in conjunction with non-electric firing caps by adapting them to electric firing
The MT electric detonators come in containers of 100 each.

Rozbušek Žk

Rozbušek Cv-Žk , practice detonator

Blasting machines DEOS 25 and DEOS 50 :

The DEOS 25 and 50 electrical blasting machines are hand-operated, low-tension electric generators.
Each machine consists of a case which houses a steel magnet, armature and gear assembly.
A shaft projecting from the gear assembly is turned by a T-shaped wooden handle, hand crank inserted through a hexagonal nut in the cover.
Opposite this nut are two terminals.
The DEOS 25 is capable of detonating up to 25 electric caps wired in series through a maximum external resistance of 110 Ohms.
The DEOS 50 is capable of detonating up to 50 electric caps wired in series through a maximum external resistance of 300 Ohms.

Weight DEOS 25: 3.18kilo
Weight DEOS 50: 5.20kilo.


Here's a list of Czech and Slovakian manufacturers and the letter-codes they used on the ammunition components.
Thanks Milan, for updating this list.

avm - Novoborské strojírny Nový Bor, machine works
aym - Povážské Strojárne, národný podnik, Povážská Bystrica
bnt - Vihorlat Snina
bxn - Blanické strojírny, Sellier & Bellot, Vlašim
cro - Chronotechna Šternberk
czo - Weapons factory Zbrojovka Vsetín
dtp - Vlárské strojírny, Slavicín machine works
ena - Policské strojírny, Policka machine works
esr - Sandrik Dolní Hamry
evr - Kovohute Nýrany, powder filling plant
fut - Adamovské strojírny, Adamov
gps - Unknown factory
gts - Závody všeobecného strojárstva Dubnica nad Váhom, filling&assembling plant
hsu - Kovohute Rokycany
irv - Zbrojovka Bojkovice, nyní Zeveta Bojkovice, Bojkovice weapon factory
jpw - Zbrojovka Vsetín, závod Jablunka
mvs - 53. VZ Mikulovice military base
ndn - Unknown Czech factory (code found on 9mm Luger cartridge cases)
nma - Synthesia, Pardubice-Semtín, powder manufacturer
oma - Unknown Czech factory (code found on 9mm Luger cartridge cases)
rft - Unknown factory
tno - Armádní municní závod Týnište nad Orlicí, munition maintenance
uxa - Zbrojovka Vlašim, národní podnik, Vlašim
vnb - VZ Bohuslavice nad Vlárí, military base
whx - VOP Nováky, Filling and recalibrating plant
wzi - Chemko Strážské
zyj - Unknown Czech factory (code found on fuzes)

0 Unknown Czech factory
R or + Recalibrated and reused cases
K Cartridge case made from silicon-brass

Other codes used by various nitro-gunpowder manufacturers:
Rtl, Rotw, rdf, dwdn, wal, krbg, tgl, dbg, blz, ibn, brb, ktz, frst, odg